Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A piece out of one of my dairy entries

I'm on a roll tonight, so I thought I'd end it by including a piece of one of my dairy entries, yes the one Tom asked me to start, so here's been my thought processes and radical thoughts, well I'll keep some parts just for me :).
So tonight I witnessed a scorpion vs a black widow vs another black widow vs the Godzilla of all wolf spiders. With the unbelievable outcome of the black widows getting destroyed both of them, a wolf spider paralysed getting it's legs ripped off. All because of one bad ace...the scorpion king. yep now I'm definitely sure I'm in America.
I let my boss know how much he's affected me in a positive manner. the week with hopi is over and what a week of getting to bond with them, watching the boys slowly transform from shy recluses to outgoing estranged characters. Especially David, every part of the day he song the siesta song and ran to all activities with excitement, never fear. No wonder we gave him the courage bead. If anything this week these boys inspired me to better myself and strive and work for what I want.
On another note we won cabin clean up, our points through the week just beat ottawa, the oldest boy cabin was beaten by the youngest, well they were dq'ed on the last day. So we drank our soda's smiling as all of our weeks work paid off.

'Boom head-shots are free bee-otch'
.....We were watching a scorpion cage match, he stabbed a spider in the face, so epic ha.

Later :D

Nice qoute!

Accept certain inalienable truths, prices will rise
Politicians will philander, you too will get old and when you do you'll fantasize that when you were young prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders.
Respect your Elders
Get to know your parents, you never know when they'll be gone for good!

Legen....wait for it.....Dary

I couldn't honest to god think of a better title, so forget the counterfeiting use of such an appropriate quote. These past few weeks, as I have written since the 20th of June. Wow they've been a blur, were halfway through session 6, two more sessions after this, then the normality in my life which has become camp is over.
So let me walk you though what has transpired, I was given a cabin of older boys, there language was foul when they arrived which meant we had to have a talk about being leaders and inspiring role models to younger campers. I know me having an adult conversation, I feel I arrived here aged 20 and I'm leaving 30. Through that last week of July the Gulf of Mexico was hit by a hurricane, parts of the storm broke off and re-formed over hunt Texas, more importantly Camp Flaming Arrow. I mean it seriously rains back home but here....when it rains the river rises, lightning flashes and rain falls like a blanket of water. BooYah emergency poncho, Angel said something to me that i thought I'd quote,
'Our Sky's like a Woman, It can never make it's mind up.'
Yeah that's something else I've started doing not sure if I've said, writing a dairy and adding quotes of the day. I think I'll pause and the reason why, is because as a person I think I've changed and grown. I can't summarise it in all of this blog so I keep getting off track adding points that appear fresh in my head, I mean it has been a month since I last blogged.
Back to the boys each time I gain a cabin, I think yeah they'll be all right then they're the best friends I have for a week, little brothers. Who when leave I feel like I crumble inside.
Literally my last week of boys, hopi the youngest male cabin, we bonded we won cabin clean-up the youngest boys stole it in a devastating last attempt for victory, all of them demonstrating unique caring attributes and when they left I nearly broke down. One of my boys dads actually hugged me as I composed my self....no more slipping ha.
For that week I received top dog at camp, that's when a counsellor brings his A game all week, now as a reward I have Starter camp, they sleep early but my god you have to be such a constant in their lives, or they go off the rails. But so far yeah, I say it's been an awesome ride.
This is getting long so I'll write another blog, this experience all i have to say is, everyone should try it at least once, I'll write again once I can compose my thoughts more.
Later :D

Sunday, 20 June 2010

That's how country boys roll

Well I'm finally back on a computer after about 4 days jeez, it's hard going getting onto a laptop with about forty of staff competing for a laptop or the only pc around. But this week has been one hell of an awesome week. This was our first week with kids and it was one of the best weeks of my life, I took care of cabin navajo with Anthony and Darren, naming ourselves the navabots seeing as we're just that awesome. Well we called ourselves that so ottawa couldn't call themselves the ottabots lol.
This week started with swim-checks watching the kids swim and sorting them into groups of who could and who couldn't, it's hard looking at someone you know who's trying there best and telling them they have to wear a red band staying in the shallows. Though it is definitly for their own good, I'd rather them swim in shallows then have them drown.
I walk around to each water activity and check up on how the life-guards are doing and how they feel along with my co head lifeguard Gemma. I mean yeah it's hot but I get to do each activity as part of my check-up it's what I have to do lol.
My boys this week were as great as they come, outgoing, caring, responsible and respectful, even if I had to shhh them during flag lowering loads. But they gave their all at what they were doing and opened up to one another. And watching them go at the end of the week was hard, how do you do that every week, I guess you find a way to do so :).
I'm thinking of getting a blog section and calling it Alex Coyne's qoutes, after another awesome 24 hour off he's done nothing but been a pure camp-ass and made me laugh lol.
Oh and I found out I can't wear a bag into stores.....racial profiling, I mean really? wow.
I'm about finished with this blog so i think I'll wrap up here and end on...
Happy Fathers Day!.
p.s. James you camp ass.
Let this week roll on, bringing new kids and great experiences :)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Change of Stroke

Last time I was blogging I spoke about how unfit I was, but I guess things must have changed from all the 7.00am swims. Because along with my good friend Gemma we're the head life-guards :). It's responsibility added to what potientially could already be a hectic job. But I'm happy i've been given the oppurtunity.
I swam 40 widths of the pool plus two lengths, doing another 500m. All i can say is props to the man who can come out of that feeling pretty good after. My leg cramped in the last 10, i just swam through with it and it still hurts lol.
Over 40 staff and they're are some of the most amazing people i've ever met, so forward and friendly all willing to go into deep conversations bearing themselves to one another, in an attempt to further our relationships. It's something new and exciting. We sing at breakfast, lunch and dinner and at campfire, such energy all the time, i'll try and commit myself to it.

That's my goal, give my all into camp and watch how it affects me and my growth as a person.

Until I blog again Peace!! Xxx

Sunday, 30 May 2010

swimming i'm awesome, awesomely bad

Today I finished my pre-requisites for life-guarding, 500 metre swim, that was only the first test :o. Yeah I feel like i'm toned and super fit for swimming, man I struggled, I did it but I know I struggled.
What I can take away from that is seeing as I have no body fat, I sink, floating and me don't mix. So maybe I need to load up on the supersizes, but saying that I need to get fitter and clogged arteries wouldn't help.
Everyone from all the friends I made, to Bill, Ryne and Angel (pablo angle) all encouragerd me, and it's comforting to know everyone's here for you, they cared about you even before they met you. What an awesome way to lead your life.
So from now i'll be up by 7.00am every day, perfecting my techniques so when the 800 metre final test comes, I'll be half-man, half fish.
Chilling here wondering why my right eye is starting to swell, pretty sure Tom waited till i was asleep to punch me, but it's going down so all good.
Hope all is well mum it's mandatory for you to read this.
Stay safe, I'll try to :)

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Crash landing in Texas

Standing on top of Mount Vesper watching the sun set made me think things have definitely changed. I could never imagine being somewhere so awesome. The camp is sunny and the people i've met are all amazing in their own ways.
In the camp their is a small army of dogs all of which are possibly plotting to overthrow us humans and make us follow their every whim and desire. But seriously Texas is beautiful so far, in the day nothing but massive trucks, big malls and car dealerships as far as the eye can see. At night lights, these guys do not care for the economy ha.
Today life guard training started, passed basic swim, then the written test....I failed epicly, 10 minutes later i realise like an ass i've taken a totally different test from the rest of the class, a test with a subject none of us had studied and i silently took it without objecting....good one.
I brought a camera so I will upload pics, but so far I have 8, a good use of $142 dollars.
I'll update some more later as it's nearly lights out and i really can't think, it must be the benodryl Ryne gave me. So peace out! n_n

p.s The 100ft water slide is nothing more then kick ass!